Meet Shawna Bratton, Beef Specialist, CCA

Shawna grew up in Bath County where her family operates a commercial beef cattle and sheep operation in both Bath and Highland Counties. A portion of the farm has been in continuous operation by the Bratton family since the 1760’s. Agri-tourism has become a recent addition to their agricultural operations.

Shawna graduated from Virginia Tech University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science and a minor in Agricultural Economics. She participated on the livestock judging and the national agrimarketing teams and entered the animal health industry upon graduation.

In 1997, Shawna accepted a position in field sales with Augusta Cooperative.
After three years in the field, she moved into various management positions in
purchasing, advertising and website development with Augusta Cooperative.
Last year, she moved back into the field as a Beef Specialist. Shawna also
maintains certifications as a Nutrient Management Planner and Certified Crop
Advisor. As a Beef Specialist, Shawna focuses on beef cattle nutrition, forage
management, cattle reproduction and animal health needs with her customers.

In addition to her duties at Augusta Cooperative, Shawna is actively involved
in the management of her family’s farm operation where she focuses on AI
breeding, replacement heifer development, ration development, crop rotations
and just about anything else associated with the farm. When not spending time
on the farm, she enjoys travel, hiking and exploring the mountains.

Contact Shawna to discuss any beef related needs at SBratton@AugustaCoop.
com or (540) 448-3665.

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