For various reasons, most of us have extra unused pesticides stored somewhere on the farm.  Perhaps we bought some extra one time and then decided to use something else - maybe we forgot about some that has been sitting on the shelf and it has been exposed to adverse weather conditions that now make the pesticide unusable.  Sometimes, Grandpa or Dad left some pesticide on the shelf, and we inherited the pesticide.  The good news is that there is an outstanding program in Virginia to clean up the mess!

Below is a link to a brochure that describes various pesticide cleanup days that will be held around Virginia during September and October 2016.  Take the time to clean up those unused pesticides on your farm - An ounce of prevention can prevent a serious mess down the road!  Don't let that adorable new puppy you just got wander into a mess because of their natural curiosity at a young age.  Don't let your kids or grandkids suffer a needless trip to the hospital because they consumed a poisonous pesticide when you weren't around.  Reduce your liability on the farm.  Take advantage of this outstanding program with no questions asked!