A Rescue Horse Success Story!

At Augusta Co-Op, we want to provide solutions that exceed customer expectations.  Nothing thrills us more than to receive a success story where our services and products has helped our customers achieve their goals as well as to add enjoyment to the farm!

Recently, one of our customers shared pictures of a 10 year old off-track rescue racehorse that the family had purchased last fall.  Charlie was in very poor body condition when the Perry family purchased him as you can see in this photo from last September.

Charlie Sep 12 2013

It was recommended that Charlie be put on a diet that included Purina® Equine Senior® Horse Feed.  This feed was chosen because it is one of the most digestible feeds available with added fiber sources.  While it is marketed primarily as a senior horse feed, it is also recommended for rescue horses or horses with digestive issues.  It is unique in that it can be fed as a mash or as a highly palatable pellet to get the horse started on the feed.  This was critical in Charlie's case as he needed to get nutrition quickly but yet, it was going to take a while to get him up to full speed on a new diet.  The high level of fat also provides a source of slow release energy for horses that may have digestive issues but still need considerable energy in the diet as Charlie did.

So what does Charlie look like now?  Take a look!  Charlie Apr 22 2014

In this picture from late April of this year, Charlie now is healthy and has a youthful glow!  Thanks to the Perry family for sharing their story and for their care of Charlie.  We wish you many more years of enjoyment with Charlie!  Just hang on tight because he's probably a fast runner!


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