Local Fairs and Livestock

With the local county fairs over with and school back in session, most local youth have completed their 4-H/FFA livestock projects for this year with the exception of the Virginia State Fair still to go.  Augusta Co-Op feeds were used to feed most of the champions at the Augusta, Rockingham, Rockbridge and Highland County fairs this year.  Go Augusta Co-Op feeds!!  What a Winner!!

It's the culmination of weeks of hard work and effort when these animals are exhibited and sold at the local county fairs.  Augusta Co-Op has long been a supporter of these projects by providing quality show feeds, buy 10 bag - get 1 bag free program, special 4-H/FFA account program, show sponsorships, and other forms of financial support.

Augusta Co-Op has returned over $14,000 to the local economy within the last three months alone with purchases of livestock and other forms of financial support to the local 4-H/FFA shows.  In turn, this money supports other local businesses in the area such as meat processing facilities, fuel suppliers, equipment dealers, and local markets.  This is a big way that Augusta Co-Op helps to support the cooperative members that it serves.

Congratulations to the hundreds of exhibitors this year!  Even if you didn't get the grand prize, you are still a champion by taking care of your animals and completing your projects.  We hope the lessons learned will serve you well in the future as you continue your career objectives and continue to support agriculture in whatever way possible.  Just be sure to take some time to remember and thank those that helped you with your projects along the way!

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