Early Seedings of Lawns Yields Results!

We have been blessed in 2013 with abundant moisture in Virginia, so this should be an excellent time to either seed or overseed portions of your lawn.  Don't delay - You really need to get this project done in the next two weeks for best results!  The number one problem we see with any kind of fall seeding is that customers want to wait until the end of September or October to do these projects.  While you can still get results with later seedings, your success rate goes down significantly with each passing week.

For example, we had a customer last year that seeded around the 7th of September.  Germination and stand results were excellent.  It also helped to have a couple of showers of rain to supplement the initial watering to get the seeds germinating

However, this customer misjudged his acreage a little bit, and ran out of seed before he got the entire area seeded.  Due to various factors and a lack of concern about getting the rest of the area seeded, he waited until the 28th of September before he finished seeding his yard.  He still got results and received about the same amount of rain after this second seeding.  However, it was visibly evident that this three week delay reduced the overall thickness, standability and growth rate of the second seeding area.  The area that was seeded three weeks earlier had better overall health and thickness going into the winter months.

When spring rolled around this year after a pretty challenging winter weather-wise, the area that was seeded first last fall was in better shape and did not need any additional spring seeding.  The area that was seeded later last fall required some more overseeding to get the stand in better shape.  Everything is OK now, but that planting delay last fall cost more time and money for the customer.

Don't delay - Get those yards seeded!  Visit us for more tips about grass seed variety selection and lawn preparation.

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